Saturday, July 21, 2012

Cork Board Ceramic Tile

I was digging around in my
office/craft room the other day
and stumbled upon an idea.
Now, I don't know if this has
been done before.
(somewhere, I'm sure)
But, if you have seen it or
have done it...let me know.
I haven't seen this version of a
cork board anywhere as of yet.
Still...that's not to say one
doesn't exist.
Here's what you'll need
to create your own
cork board tile:

12"x12" tile of your choice
12"x12" Cork Square
Fabric of our choice
-enough to cover the front of the tile with cork board on it
Hot glue gun & glue sticks
Mod Podge
Complimenting Ribbon

At first I thought about covering the front of the tile.
But then decided to cover the back side
so that the front side would become the back
giving the cork board a nice finished back.

I poured modpodge on the tile
and smoothed/evened it out
with a foam brush.

Then I placed a the cork square on it.
There was a little over hang so I just
lined it up on two of the four sides.
I stacked my large rolls of vinyl on
it to add pressure while drying.

But, you can use whatever is heavy!
Once dry, I added hot glue to the corners
and down the edges for added measure.
I also used an exacto knife to score off the
little overhang of cork on two sides.
I then used my hot glue gun and covered the
cork board with fabric I got from
Hobby Lobby.

I tried to tuck the corners in the same.
Pulling it tightly and adding
hot glue along the way.
There really isn't a rhyme or reason
to how I did it. I just did what worked for me.

Once finished with the covering, I added
matching ribbon to make the back look nice and clean.
I just lined the ribbon up along the edge and
glued it down. I cut 4 strips, one for each side.

See how the front of the tile has become the back?
Nice clean look in case you want to
display it on a plate stand.

And here it is:

It turned out pretty darn good, I think!
What a fun way to display
jewelry, messages, notes, lists, pictures, recipes
and so much more!!

It is possible to hang tile on the
wall as well. But because
of it's heavy duty
build, I placed it on a plate stand.

I'd love to hear what you think!
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Sunday, July 15, 2012

What I've Been Up To

The summer is flying by
and it feels like there
just aren't enough hours
in the day.
I have managed to get a few things
crafted, created and finished.
Sadly, I don't have a lot of
pictures because I misplaced
the cord to my Rebel.
Which means, my pics are via my
iPhone. And while the iPhone
does a fairly good job...
it certainly isn't my Rebel.
All that aside, I need to learn how to
take photos properly anyway.

Here is what I have been up to:

Painted Jars
& Jute
(Up Words & On Words vinyl in background)

Scrapbook paper backed chalkboard
picture frame with Up Words & On Words
vinyl lettering and ribbon.

Shabby Chic thrift store mirror re-do
with chicken wire and burlap flowers.

Close up of details on mirror.

She believed she could so she did.
Wooden plaque with matching tile
coaster set.

Sponge balls for the boys and
neighborhood kids to play with during
our blocks "water fest" event put on by
a neighbor boy.

Vintage inspired door handles (?) with glass
 attached to painted/aged cabinet drawer fronts.

Sign re-purpose.
Farmers MARKET
with crackle paint technique
and vinyl lettering.


There ya have it!
I am more than willing to post
mostly picture-less tutorials on
any of the projects should
there be interest!

Thanks for stopping by!
Make today your best day ever.


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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Updated Twin Octagon Tables

As some of you may know...
our house is on the market.
So, at the spur of the moment when
a realtor called to see if he
could show our house in
10-15 minutes~
my boys and I headed to
our local thrift store.

And we found a steal of a deal!
Not 1 but 2 of these tables.
$2.00 a piece!

They were in amazing shape. I'm not
sure exactly how old they are or
if they were custom made but taking
them apart was a breeze!

See the little knobbies on the top?
They unscrewed via large
threaded (is that a word) dowels.
What the hello?
That easy? Yeppers!
And see the ball feet?
Same thing there.
So when it was all said and done they
are completely collapsible.
Oh yeah.

I took them both apart and sanded
like crazy. All four shelves, all eight top
knobbies, all eight ball feet and all eight
(need, need, need, Annie Sloan Chalk paint)


I stained the tables Rustoleum's
Kona. And spray painted the knobbies, feet
and legs Krylon's Dover White.

I distressed the knobbies, feet and legs
using 220 grit sand paper.

I used Minwax Wipe On Poly
to seal the tables.
Wipe On Poly!
You read that right and while it isn't
anything new to most of you...
it was to me!
And {LOVE} has filled my heart!!

Here they are:
 Camera 1

Camera 2

I love them! Mostly because they are
so easy to take apart. I can see myself wanting
to personalize them at some point.
Unfortunately, as I mentioned before, we
have our house on the market and quite
frankly I don't need any more end tables.
I know right?? Who has that problem.
So, they will be priced and taken
to Marketplace 3301.

Not a bad deal though.
Aside from the Wipe On Poly,
I had all the supplies for this
twin table re-do on hand.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

5 hook coat rack with chalkboard vinyl & fabric covered corkboard

I started with this:

And ended up with this:

From cabinet/hutch (?) door
 to 5 hook coat rack
Chalkboard Vinyl cut-outs
Decorative Fabric covered Corkboard center

No bad huh?

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