Monday, March 19, 2012

Up Words & On Words shop on Etsy

You see, I love
being able to repurpose items
and come up with something "new"

But, it all started when I decided
to go into the vinyl business.
I didn't realize then where it
would take me.

And not only do I have a pretty
great home based business but
I have also found a creative outlet
and a passion.

Sure...I get *creator's* block like
a writer gets *writer's* block so
sometimes creating something new
and WOW take awhile.
It has been quite some time since
I have had the time to sit
down and create.

Add to the mix that I am a stay at home Mom
and a registered Child Care Provider.
So, yes, busy!
But blessed.

I just added some new items to my
Etsy shop and thought maybe
you might want to take a peek!!

Here they are:

You have probably seen these on some of my posts.
And I appreciate you stopping by.

Head on over to my Etsy store
and check out my other designs!!

Have a great day!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

03.08.03 ~ 9 years ago today...

Nine years ago in a
snow storm,
I married an amazing man.

When he first suggested marriage
I kindly (yes, kindly) told him
he shouldn't drink so much with his
friends and never mention it again!
In my defense, he had been out with the guys
and I had assumed this was gibberish for
just "in case" he might be in trouble.

But as it turns out, it wasn't just a few drinks
in him doing the talking. And when the subject
came up again, I knew he was serious.
Knowing him like I do now, I should
have known he was serious from the very first

Our lives have changed so much since
that snowy day in March 2003.

And that's okay with me because
I'm pretty sure
~This has gotta be the GOOD LIFE~

Happy March 8th to you!
Happy Anniversary to us!
Thanks for stopping by!!