Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Getting ready for seasonal Shoppers

I finished up a few
more projects for
my space at
Marketplace 3301.
It feels like I was pretty
busy today but
when I only count
3 completed signs,
I kind of wonder how
I'd feel if I were
truly busy, lol.
Let's start off with
The turkey is made with wood blocks, tongue
depressor's, scrapbook paper, craft paint and satin ribbon.
The lettering is beige vinyl.
And the background board is a
re-purposed bamboo cutting board.
It's hunting season also so here's one
for the man in your life who hunts.
I saw a sign similar to this on Pinterest.
But, I added mounted deer to mine.
The background is painted green with a
crackle finish and tan on top.
Brown vinyl lettering and copper deer.
We had a heck of a snow storm here a
few days ago so this sign seems fitting.
dashing THROUGH THE Snow:
Painted MDF board with crackle finish and dry
brushed with dark taupe. Vinyl lettering in tan.
And further embellished with glittery foam
Whew! I took all
the projects from the last few days
done to my space at Marketplace 3301.
Now wish me luck that it
sells and I won't have to
pack it home and store
it until this time next year!
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Few More Projects completed...

Here are a few more
Pinterest Inspired
projects I have completed.
sign with scrapbook paper/wood block turkey:
let it snow with metal snow flakes 
dear God

canvas sign:
If you have questions or would like links to specific
projects please let me know!
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinterest Inspired Projects

I don't know about anyone else but when I get on
I am pretty much there ALL day!
I pin and like and search and follow
and comment.
AND quite honestly...
I {love} it.
While there are one million
other things I could be doing,
I somehow don't feel guilty
for trolling Pinterest hours on end
for a little "creative" block
This post won't be a tutorial
but should you have questions as to
how I created something via
my Pinterest inspiration or
wanting the links to the projects,
PLEASE feel free to leave a comment
and I will do my best to answer your
So, via Pinterest inspiration here are a few
little morsels of goodness I created this
past week:
live laugh love
Repurposed Cabinet door turned
wall coat rack:

I gave new life to a cabinet door by sanding, painting, distressing, adding
spray painted knobs and spray painted chipboard lettering.
I've made a few of these before but not using chalk paint.
I made my own chalk paint using the recipe from the SNAP blog
for the door with flat white paint.
Live and love are Rustoleum's Dark Walnut.
Laugh and knobs are Krylon's Fern.
I distressed with fine sandpaper.
Wood Block Turkey's
Round and Square:

I bought the wood block pieces at Hobby Lobby.
They aren't too expensive. Look for sales and use your
coupons. They also have an app so put 'em on your
phone if you haven't yet! ;)
I painted them Bittersweet.
The feathers are made from tongue
depressors covered in scrapbook paper
using modpodge.
I hot glue them together and they stayed
put! Yay!
I hand painted the face on a paint stir stick
and tied a satin bow around the neck.
NOEL Stocking Hanger:
Another repurposed cabinet door this time
turned NOEL stocking hanger.
I saw a NOEL sign on Pinterest
and immediately fell in love.
I tweaked my a little though.
That way it's a little more original
and such a copy cat.
I painted it in an off-white chalk paint that
I made. I distressed with fine sandpaper for a
vintage look.
Drilled holes for knobs to hang stockings from.
And added chipboard NOEL letters spray
painted in Krylon's Burgundy.
It is pre-drilled for 6 stockings.
Only 2 knobs are shown.
So...whattya think?
Have you found some PINspiration
in your travels?
Have a great day!
Thanks for stopping by!
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