Sunday, September 25, 2011

"K" Fall Wreath

While enjoying my
qu"I"et time this morning
and having some YUM-O
coffee...I crafted this.

And it was SUPER labor intensive.
Ha! Kidding!
I picked up my supplies at Hobby Lobby
yesterday. My boys had to endure
a little craft shopping time. And they
struggled BUT I pushed on!

I purchased the K, wreath,
pumpkins, leaf and beery filler
and the burlap for $11.52
The burlap and the K
were not on sale. Everything
else was! OH YEAH!

I mixed Ace Hardwares' Jericho green with
a little Sherwin Williams Divine White and
painted the pumpkins. I spray painted the K
Valspar's Copper Glow. I used some
burlap and made a flower.
When the pumpkins and K were dry, I placed
all the items on the wreath and hot
glued them down.
Then hung it up on the front door.

Yep. That easy!
I {LOVE} fall, fall colors
and fall decor.
(even if it was hot yesterday)

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Have a great day.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Painted Pink!
There is nothing better
than doing something for a
great cause.

Oohlala Furniture posted this on Facebook:
Since October is breast cancer awareness month I am going to do something special.
I am going to paint 1 piece of furniture pink....sell it for best offer and then donate every cent from the sale of the piece for breast cancer research. If you also paint furniture please consider joining me in doing this. If you are not a painter of furniture...please consider buying a piece from a friend who is participating in this....I am starting a group for the painters and anyone interested in possibly purchasing a piece. Thank you in advance. Watch for your invite to join the group Painted Pink.

Whattya say!?! What an amazing opportunity
to do something to strengthen the research
and further our hope
and belief that there is a cure!

Message Oohlala Furniture and let her know 
you'd like to be added to the Painted Pink group on FB today!
For more information stop by Oohlala Furniture's blog!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Salon Services menu

YAY! I have a lil sumthin' sumthin'
to post about.
Can I get an Amen??

My friend/hair stylist/cousin in law/customer
asked me to create a custom hair menu for
her salon.

It took me a while to get it designed~
had a few technical difficulties.
But is DONE.

Here's what I used:
Black picture frame
Scrapbook Paper
Vinyl lettering

I created an
custom vinyl using the
list she provided.

Using my Silhouette,
 I cut out the design in
black vinyl.

Once it was weeded...I applied application tape.
I placed the glass on my piece of 
scrapbook paper and put them
on a cutting board.
I used a box cutter and cut out around the glass.

I put the glass in the frame and used a dry erase maker
and traced around the frame. This way, you have
a guide for the vinyl placement.

**I wet the glass with Windex and placed the vinyl on it
By wetting the glass it is easier to re-position and
lessens the chance of bubbles under the lettering.**
I let the vinyl sit on the glass for about 20 minutes. This allows the Windex to evaporate.
When ready...use a warm damp cloth and rub over the application tape.

This will help release the application tape.
Once damp...peel away carefully. Make sure your i's are still dotted
and your small punctuation marks are there as well. =)
Once on, wipe off the dry erase marker and clean glass

I placed the glass back in the frame with
the scrapbook paper in the background. Then
I put the frame back together.

Here it is:

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~~>Anyone else's blog not posting
right away? Mine isn't posting
right away. Weird<~~~

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm up to & a lil something funny!

While it may appear that
I have abandoned you...
I really haven't.

(what~~>you haven't even missed me?)

Well anyway, I
am hoping to get some posts going here
before too much longer.
I have been toodlin' around
doing this, that and the other.
And a LOT of notta!
True story.

Since school has started,
I haven't accomplished much.
It's hard to keep my eye on lil
brother when I'm sanding
my arm off or spray
painting my brains out.
*Times ah-wastin'*
It'll be getting too
cold soon.

I've also been working
on the registration process
to open a daycare in my home.
Umm...pain staking!

I started working on these
lovely little side

AND I can.not.wait
until they are completed.
I so hope they turn out
like I have planned in my head!

I'm off to over indulge on
Garlic French Bread.
Here's a little
something funny my
3 year old said to me this
"Momma, I found a grape"
"You found a grape?"
"Yep...on the floor, why you do that?"
"Ohhh...I'm sorry, I didn't see it there"
"ugggghhhh, YOU KNOW BETTER!!!"

That's true I guess.

Have a great day and thanks for
sticking with me during this lil
lull of mine!


Friday, September 2, 2011

The Race Is ON!!! GO~~>Michell update

Michell is currently in second place!
BUT...we want her to WIN!
If you haven't already...
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She does some pretty amazing DIY transformations!

Right now, Michell
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in Casper, Wyoming

Oh yeah~> you read that right.

We need to help a sista out a
lil bit.

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Power in numbers!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011

Let's Help Michell WIN!!

If you haven't already...
to visit Michell's blog
She is amazing at what she does!

Right now, Michell
is transforming her kitchen and
is in the running to
win FREE Tile Backsplash!!!
From Stone Creek Installations
in Casper, Wyoming

Oh yeah~> you read that right.

We need to help a sista out a
lil bit.

Stop by
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Power in numbers!!