Friday, October 26, 2012

Marshmallow/Pretzel Skeleton's

It FEELS like it
has been forever.
How are you all??
I just wanted to share a couple
quick pictures with you
of Halloween snacks
that I will be taking
to my son's schools'
Pumpkin Patch party.
The idea comes from none other than...
If you'd like to see the original,
you can find me on Pinterest and
click my Halloween board.
Hey~I did say I was going to be quick.
Here is my take on such a fun idea:
Marshmallow/Vanilla coated Pretzel
And because I couldn't resist, I made these 4
for my son's and their cousins:
Aren't they cute? These one's have
mini brownies (brownie bites)
in the bottom.
Love them!!
Sorry the pictures are bad. I took
them with my iPhone because
I'm lazy like that.
What I used:
Large Marshmallows
Small pretzels
Almond Bark Vanilla coating
Wilton FoodWriter edible color markers
Small plastic bags
Seasonal Ribbon
and (shhh....)
a box brownie mix
What I did:
Melted vanilla coating in a glass bowl in the microwave
per package instructions.
Placed pretzels in a bowl and coated them using a fork to
dig them out.
Placed the coated pretzels on tin foil to dry.
Colored on large marshmallow's with edible marker.
Placed marshmallow upside down, stacked pretzels on top,
place plastic bag over the stack, turned right side up, twisted top
and tied with a ribbon.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day!