Monday, November 28, 2011


It's getting to be that
time of year again.
Winter. Cold. Snow.
I LOVE snow.
I don't necessarily
enjoy being cold but I
do love snow.

I decided to use an old
cabinet door and create a sign
that celebrates the funnest (is that a word?)
part of winter!

This is the back side. I painted the front before I
took a picture. Bad Carri!

I sanded it and gave it a good coat of
Benjamin Moore's Blue Spa.

Then I designed and cut LET IT SNOW
using a scrap
piece of burgundy vinyl and my
ever-so-handy Silhouette SD.
(the Cameo is on my Christmas wish list, lol)

I transferred the vinyl to the board.

Then I dry brushed Sherwin William's
Divine White over it. I peeled the
vinyl letters off once the paint
was dry.

I painted wood chip snowflakes
Blue Spa and gave them
a layer of Glitter Glue.
Gotta have a lil sparkle.
I hot glued them to the sign.
I also added a strip of dark brown
satin ribbon by hot gluing it down in the back.
I doubled up a strip of aqua/turquoise 
sheer ribbon and tied it in a bow.

HERE it is:

I love it! And I'd love to keep it. to Marketplace
it goes.

Whatta ya think? Don't you love
how the dark brown gives it just
the punch of elegance this
fun sign needed?

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Custom Christmas Ornaments

Last holiday season I spent
a number of hours filling
custom Christmas ornament orders.
And although it is somewhat
time consuming...
it was A LOT of fun!

I really enjoyed scrolling
through my fonts to get just the
right one for each name or word.
And creating each unique ornament
was only complete when the lettering,
tulle and ribbon color was decided.

I wish now that I would have taken more pictures.
Because right now...I can't find any.

Here's an idea of what I use:

1. 4" Glass Bulb
2. Tulle
3. Vinyl design, name or word
(will need vinyl cutter & supplies-or paint-or stickers)
4. Decorative ribbon cut 7-9" long

Here's what to do:
Clean the bulb with
Windex, rub on design/name or word.
In this case I used words
relating to the spirit
of Christmas.
Peel away application tape.
Remove silver hook holder and
 fill the bulb with the tulle
color of your choice.
Put top back on.
Place the ribbon through the hook
holder and tie.

I made 16 of these for a recent show.
Unfortunately, I didn't sell any.
 BUT the up side to that is that
I now have them for my
space at Marketplace 3301.
I'm excited to see how well they do
and am hoping for some custom
name and color orders!

~~>*GREAT personalized gift *<~~

I made these ornaments for our tree. I embellished them
with our names and the year. But instead
of filling them with tulle, I used dark brown and light brown
paper shred with nut brown (pumpkin orange)
vinyl. My tree is bronze and orange and they turned out amazing!

(this is the back side...the front has my boys' names)

If you'd like to make your own but need the vinyl~
contact me:
Carri @
and I can get you set up
with custom names, words or decals!
Found 2 photos to show
just how creative you can get:

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Good Luck Charlie...the tv show

Have you ever watched Good Luck Charlie
on the Disney Channel?

It was on the other day
so I stopped for a second
to watch it. Mostly
because it was background
noise and I was cleaning.

BUT...what happened
next was incredible!
the house/set.
I'm not sure if it's
a house or if it's
a set.

(pic from

Whichever it is~
it has some crazy, cool
real-life (ness)
to it.

The following pictures have been taken from Pinterest.
and from

And LAST but not LEAST~
The room that stole my heart:

I am hooked on
sliding barn door that doubles as a
bedroom and laundry room door.
I could see at times how this wouldn't
be ideal.
But alas...
I still can't get enough of it!!

*Just So You Know*
I haven't been paid by anyone
to post this.
As mentioned before, the pics came from
Pinterest via other sources.
And, I fell in love by
my own choice.

If you haven't seen
Good Luck Charlie should!
The house/set has so
much goodness
going on.
Not to mention it
is a wholesome
family show!

I'm curious to know if I am the only
one who LOVES it.

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Changing Table- a lil shabby

Look what my Mom
brought me...
...ok she didn't bring me
this exact one BUT
one very similar.
It was placed by the road
on garbage day.

"Mine" was missing the bottom two
And had a large scratch
on one side.

Other than that,

I mixed some primer, some paint,
and some calcium carbonate
together and transformed it.
I sanded it to create
a shabby vintage look.
I did not paint the top shelf/table
part as I wanted it
to add darkness to the sanded


I sooooo wanted to make this a wine/beverage
cart. But I took it to my
space at Marketplace instead.
If it doesn't sell...
I just may make it mine.
Mine all Wine!

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Another old window Redefined

Wow! I'm losing followers.
That kind of hurts.
I realize I haven't been
posting as often lately
but I didn't expect
my followers to
drop like flies.
*lesson learned*

have once again
combined an old window,
scrapbook paper and vinyl lettering
and finished with
a very nice outcome.

Decide on the scrapbook paper you want to use.
Cut to fit pane. Use spray adhesive and spray the panes.
(Follow the spray adhesive directions)
Place appropriate paper in panes. Let dry.

Decide the saying, font type
and vinyl color you want to use.
Making sure the saying will fit in the panes.
Cut vinyl lettering. (or you can stencil)
Apply lettering.

Remove transfer tape.
Clean glass gently.
And hang!

Then admire!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Redefined Entry Way...

For months now I have wanted
to take down the wall coat rack
in my small entry way. And FINALLY!!! with
the help of my wonderful husband~
it's gone and in it's place is
something more useful and
easier on the eyes. ;)

Here is how my entry way looked

(wow, this picture makes my entry look VERY small)

Anyway...that's what it has looked like
for a few years now.
4 for each of us!
But~~>no room for guests and not easily
reachable for the little fellas in our life.

Time for a change.

I talked my hubby into helping me. I
wanted to DIABM (do it all by myself)
but truthfully...I'm not
real comfortable with the air compressor
or the nail gun. Plus, I found
it handier to have his assistance
while measuring and leveling!
YES! He is the best!

I headed to Lowe's and bought
2 pieces of MDF board.
1- 5 1/2" tall x 8ft
1- 3 1/2" tall x 8ft

My handy hubby cut
them to size for me.
We decided what height we wanted them.
And to this, there was no rhyme or reason really.
We based it off of the
previous coat rack.
Then decided a good height for
the little one's by having our
3yr. stand by the wall.
Using the nail gun we
secured 'em to the wall.

I used paintable caulk and caulked the edges, tops
and bottoms.
For the record:
But I gave it my all.

Once dry, I taped off the edges
and the top along the wall.
And painted using the color of
the trim in our house.

I gave it two good coats and
removed the tape. Oh-and I put the
outlet cover back on.

Took me some
running around to finally
find the best price on hooks.
~~>At Target of all places.
Naturally, my last stop.<~~
I bought double hook robe hooks
 (that sounds redundant, lol)
and single hooks in oil rubbed bronze.
The hooks were the bulk of the cost.
Otherwise this DYI project was
very affordable!


And yes, I do still
stop and stare!
What a simple, affordable
project to breathe new life into our entry.
It even looks bigger!

Lots more hooks and the kids can reach!

And this is what my 3yr old uses some of the 
hooks for:
(hee hee)

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Have a great day!

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