Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I'm up to & a lil something funny!

While it may appear that
I have abandoned you...
I really haven't.

(what~~>you haven't even missed me?)

Well anyway, I
am hoping to get some posts going here
before too much longer.
I have been toodlin' around
doing this, that and the other.
And a LOT of notta!
True story.

Since school has started,
I haven't accomplished much.
It's hard to keep my eye on lil
brother when I'm sanding
my arm off or spray
painting my brains out.
*Times ah-wastin'*
It'll be getting too
cold soon.

I've also been working
on the registration process
to open a daycare in my home.
Umm...pain staking!

I started working on these
lovely little side

AND I can.not.wait
until they are completed.
I so hope they turn out
like I have planned in my head!

I'm off to over indulge on
Garlic French Bread.
Here's a little
something funny my
3 year old said to me this
"Momma, I found a grape"
"You found a grape?"
"Yep...on the floor, why you do that?"
"Ohhh...I'm sorry, I didn't see it there"
"ugggghhhh, YOU KNOW BETTER!!!"

That's true I guess.

Have a great day and thanks for
sticking with me during this lil
lull of mine!


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