Saturday, November 19, 2011

Baby Changing Table- a lil shabby

Look what my Mom
brought me...
...ok she didn't bring me
this exact one BUT
one very similar.
It was placed by the road
on garbage day.

"Mine" was missing the bottom two
And had a large scratch
on one side.

Other than that,

I mixed some primer, some paint,
and some calcium carbonate
together and transformed it.
I sanded it to create
a shabby vintage look.
I did not paint the top shelf/table
part as I wanted it
to add darkness to the sanded


I sooooo wanted to make this a wine/beverage
cart. But I took it to my
space at Marketplace instead.
If it doesn't sell...
I just may make it mine.
Mine all Wine!

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  1. It would make a great wine cart! What a neat idea! andrea@townandprairie