Monday, March 19, 2012

Up Words & On Words shop on Etsy

You see, I love
being able to repurpose items
and come up with something "new"

But, it all started when I decided
to go into the vinyl business.
I didn't realize then where it
would take me.

And not only do I have a pretty
great home based business but
I have also found a creative outlet
and a passion.

Sure...I get *creator's* block like
a writer gets *writer's* block so
sometimes creating something new
and WOW take awhile.
It has been quite some time since
I have had the time to sit
down and create.

Add to the mix that I am a stay at home Mom
and a registered Child Care Provider.
So, yes, busy!
But blessed.

I just added some new items to my
Etsy shop and thought maybe
you might want to take a peek!!

Here they are:

You have probably seen these on some of my posts.
And I appreciate you stopping by.

Head on over to my Etsy store
and check out my other designs!!

Have a great day!

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