Thursday, June 14, 2012

Re-painted Welcome Mat

I thought I could get away with buying a
new Welcome mat for our front door.
And while I probably could...
I did in fact by a new one...
I just didn't like it as well.

So, I decided to paint the one
we had. It's the perfect size and
by painting it, I got to pick
the colors I wanted!

I just used a variety of colors
that you will find in and
around our home.

Nothing major here
best of all, it didn't cost me
a dime.

It used to be oranges and maroons
with the spaces and WELCOME in black.

Nothing a little spray paint can't fix!
I spray painted it all Dark Walnut. I wanted
it to be really dark but not black.

Then I started painting it. I added colors
that I had on hand. Colors that match our
(that "watermelon" color dries much deeper)

Here is how it turned out:

And I love how it turned out. I may just decide
 to paint it as the seasons change?

Thanks for stopping by!

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