Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cabinet Door Wall Decor

I picked up two, white
cabinet doors with faux
beadboard centers on
a trip to my EVER
favorite ReStore.

I had several ideas for them. But,
they sat untouched for days, ok,

They were already white but I still
gave them a couple coats of Krylon's
Dover White. My trim color isn't
pure white so I needed them a
slight off-white. Krylon's Dove White and
Rustoleum's Heirloom White work great
for my situation.

I used burnt umber craft paint and streaked the
indented parts of the faux beadboad center. I wanted
a shabby/worn look. It kind of turned out
like I had hoped. *sigh*

I purchased:
2 Cabinet Doors at ReStore
 2 glass vases and pine cones at the Dollar Store
2 metal clamps at Ace Hardware
1 bag of brown beans &
1 bag of split peas at Walmart

This is WHAT I DID:
I placed the vase in the clamp and tightened it.
I set it on the cabinet door and measured out
where the vase was going to be placed.
Then marked where the clamp placement should be.
Then I took the vase out and marked the area
 for my pilot hole with a pencil.

Umm...getting a hole in the metal clamps wasn't easy.
I unscrewed the clamp all the way so I could
make it lay almost flat.
I placed it on a scrap piece of wood.
I had to hit the marked area with
a screw...yes...a screw with the hammer to
get a pilot hole started. Then I used a tiny drill bit and
worked my way up. Then finally I used the drill and pushed
the right sized screw through.
Seriously, there has to be an easier way but~
I was using what I already had!

I put a sawtooth hanger in the center of the back
for easy hanging.

I used a screwdriver to put the clamp on the
cabinet door. I then tightened the clamp.
I used the drill for this. It was faster! =)

I filled the vase first with brown beans then split peas.
I set a pine cone on the top.

And there you have it:

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