Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1-2-3 Darling side tables...what to do??

My Mom
(whom, by the way is aMOMzing!!)
picked up these cute
double doored
curvy legged
lovely little side tables.

Here's the problem...
I need some suggestions
as to how to re-define them.
Doors? Door less? Glass? Chicken wire?
What color(s)? Modern? Shabby chic? Stained top?
Painted top? Stenciled top?

I NEED to get these
ugly ducklings transformed into
beautiful swans
AND get them out of
my Hubby's man cave!

Have a great day!


  1. Oh these are beautiful! I'm envisioning them in a nice, crisp color--white. And I'm also envisioning those doors covered so as to be able to "hide" stuff. Some restful vinyl words perhaps? Up on top, I'm thinking a dark stain. Definitely.

  2. Thanks Stephanie! I was thinking about spray painting the bottom and staining the top...just haven't decided! lol I am planning to sell them so I have to keep them pretty general. Which in a way is kind of sad. I think they would look AMAZING in turquoise or light blue/grey with a stained top. Thanks for stopping by!