Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Old Fashioned Gate from cupboard door

I have done a project similar to
this one already. But, I had
two sizes of the same style

I redefined the smaller cupboard
door a while back. I planned to keep it
and put it on the mantle I don't have.
Good plan huh??
It has made it's way
around my living room
being moved from
spot to spot.
I still don't have MY mantle yet.

Here is what it looks like in case you missed it:

Here is the larger one:

This is what I did:
1. I sanded it with 220 sandpaper
2. once clean, I painted it with a coat of
Hamilton Green. An Ace Hardware paint color.
3. once dry, I added a coat of
Sherwin Williams Divine White.
4. once dry, I sanded it to expose the green 
as well as the wood color.
5. I used Minwax Water-Based
Clear Tint Wood Stain in
American Walnut
(I chose the American Walnut color
and had the stain tinted)
6. I measured & cut a piece of corner bead for the center.
7. I quick painted (shabby-dry brushed) the 
corner bead with both colors. Then sanded.
8. Using 2 small nails, I nailed the corner bead on the
cupboard door.


Whattya think??
I LOVE it!
Now I have to decide
which one will be going to my
space at Marketplace 3301
and which one I will keep.
Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Have a great day!

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