Thursday, August 11, 2011

A germ...

Try explaining -a- germ to a 6 year old.
No, it's not an insect.
Yes, there are good germs and bad germs.
No, you can't "technically" see them.
Yes, you can see them in a microscope.
Yes, I have looked at "stuff" in a microscope before.
Yes, germs are smaller than two eyelashes.
Yes, sneezes are FULL of germs.
No, I don't know why we can't see them.
Yes, thank you kindergarten teacher for clarifying
that there are good germs, bad germs
and something something something to do with white blood cells. 

This parenting stuff is complicated!



  1. This made me LOL! Fun stuff, huh?

  2. At least you weren't at the grocery store while your four year old asked, "Mom are you really buying yourself diapers!" The lady in the aisle with us was cracking up! I love curiosity. Even if it is at my expense!