Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's the life-sign

Gotta love the ReStore. Let me re-phrase that...I {LOVE.LOVE.LOVE} our local ReStore. I used to ask for Hobby Lobby gift cards but now, I'd really just like ReStore store credit! Is that possible? I don't know for sure but it would be right up my alley! Don't get me wrong, I turn to mush once inside Hobby Lobby but in so many different ways and for so many different reasons then before.

 On a recent trip--well...actually, it's been 3 weeks or more ago--I picked up 4 matching unfinished cabinet doors. It's no secret that I scour the cabinet doors and the hardware as soon as I can get the toddler in the cart and cart wheeled in the right direction. So with 4 of these, I wasn't sure what to make. Make them all the same, create a table with one (I may still do this), make them all different, paint 'em, make chalkboards, embellish with vinyl. Oh the list goes on and on and on in my mind that NEVER shuts off! What your mind shuts off?? LOL

So,'s what I did with one door.


I didn't sand and I didn't prime. I maybe should have sanded but...I was going for a shabby/worn look anyway. I put two coats of Eddie Bauer's Bittersweet on and let dry overnight. Did it need to dry overnight? Probably not, I just needed to get some sleep. lol
I created an Up Words & On Words vinyl design and used my Silhouette to cut out the design.  I used scrap pieces of yellow. (eww...yellow! detest that color. Oh sorry, where was I?)

I measured and used application tape to transfer the vinyl to the board.

I used a hinge method on both pieces. The hinge worked good for this project but I don't always use it.
I used a warm damp rag and wiped over the application tape. This helps the application tape release the lettering.

Oh...Don't you love the golden yellow on the brown?? I don't! =)

I then used Sherwin Williams Divine White and put a coat over the lettering and the center portion of the cabinet door. I wanted the outside to stay sold brown to create a "framed" look.

Then I sanded it to create a worn look.
And painted two flat metal hardware pieces a blue I mixed up from another project. I hot glued them to the sign. I just wanted a little touch of color in my neutral matchy-matchy world.


This saying is so absolutely true. I stumbled across it while out shopping one day. I saved the wording in my cell phone because I knew it would be great for a vinyl design. I have designed it several times, in several different ways. I even had it on my wall.
But, I really like this!
How 'bout you??

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  1. beautiful sign, you do such nice work , you know i'm a fan!!

  2. I love it!


  3. I just went to the restore today! I didn't find anything but that was before I read this blog post. I'm excited to go back after having read this.

  4. Wow! It turned out great! Love it. I'm new to your blog. Can't wait to look around. :)

  5. Just GORGEOUS!! I'm borrowing your words for my next project...LOVE them! Thanks LOADS for your inspiration!!

  6. i love the saying! i thought you were gonna leave it orange and thought, well, i hope it goes with her decor.

    it turned out fabulous! great job!!!

  7. another great job!! I am now wishing we had a ReStore in my area

  8. Another fabulous sign, Carri! I love the saying! Lesa

  9. What a beautiful sign and saying! So glad I followed you here from the Sundae Scoop Link Party! I'm also linking up if you'd like to drop by!
    Hugs, antonella :-)

  10. Such a great quote.
    Thank you again for linking up to Bacon Time. Thanks for grabbing the button too!

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