Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old Window + Cabinet Door = {LOVE}

Yes! I am FINALLY getting on here to blog about a project! Oh yeah! In the words of my youngest son, "Big Boy Momma!" LOL

Anyway~~> I saw an idea similar to this when I was trolling through a local garden center. I fell in love and wanted SOOO badly to whip out my cell phone and take a picture. But the employee yammering on and on and on about the recent frost (a few weeks ago, now) in the area was nearly at my elbow. :( So, I stood there in awe. Mouth agape and all I'm sure. Taking in ALL the details. Of course their window was more weathered, missing a glass pane and oh so shabby chic meets country cottage garden Hanging ever so bravely. And breathe. AND of course their "shelf" was aged to perfection.

Mine will get there. It just needs to be left outside for-eva or put in a warm humid greenhouse with a bunch of overpriced lovely flowers. =) Anyhow. It is what it is and it's mine! Well...until I load it up later today and haul it to a little slice of heaven where I hope it will sell. (I will blog about this "slice" of heaven soon)

(sneak peak 'cuz I can't wait!)

Ok here's what I did. Follow along, it's intense. Not really! ha

I picked up both items from our local ReStore.
1 old window
1 large cabinet/cupboard door

I don't have a before picture of the window but the after window will do just fine.
Here is the cabinet door:


I sanded it a little just to get the shine off. I applied a coat of Ace Hardware's Besalt (very dark almost charcoal grey). Once dry I added a coat of SW's Divine White. I use DW because it's the color of my house trim. Two good reasons to use it...1) I have it already 2) It matches the trim
Once dry, I sanded it. The sanding exposed some of the original cabinet color as well as hints of dark grey. I then used Walnut Distress Ink to age and darken it some. Kind of give it the "dirty" weathered look. 
I should have but didn't take a pic. I was so excited to see this done that I didn't take pictures. :(

With the old 6 pane window, I used my Dremel tool to expose the edges and remove some gunk. Nothing major. I wanted it chippier and more worn but wasn't gonna mess with the hassle. OR the fear of the unlying paint having lead in it. =) I used Distress Ink where I sanded. I also rubbed it on the front. I let it sit and then sanded it off. Which sort of sanded it in! Perfect!

I used Gorilla Wood Glue and glued the window to the center of the cabinet door. And let sit over night. didn't work so well. But it was awkward and hard to create downward pressure. No biggie it worked well enough for what I needed it to do. I set the whole thing up on saw horses. Saw horses that I drug into my kitchen mind you! I pre-drilled holes and added three screws through the bottom and into the window. Oh YEAH! 

I am not a photographer. I WISH I were. So please enjoy what goodness there is in my pics. LOL. I would have taken it outside but the less I move it...the better for now!

And NOW: 

I'd love to add hooks and a nice chain to the top and hang it!!
Maybe if it sells, someone will do just that!

Whatta ya think??

Have a great day!

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  1. I love this! I love old windows and have a couple hanging in my house, as well, a few out in my storage shed. I'm thinking I may have to borrow (or steal) this idea! Glad you're back! Lesa

  2. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  3. that is a great idea. i love old windows and doors too, great job with this. thanks for linking to my party! i'm BACK! lol

  4. Great idea, I love old windows! We have fixed up some old windows, too.

  5. Very pretty! It's a great combination.

  6. Nice one. Window frames, being built like... well, frames can make a good rack or stand. The shape makes them ideal for displays (they do display the outside world, after all). I suppose going with old window frames add that vintage flavor that's often so lovable and versatile for the creative mind.

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