Tuesday, April 26, 2011

ReStore find...memory board

My Mom and I were cruising through our local ReStore last week looking for some inspiration. I can tell you one thing...I have a new found love of cabinet doors, hardware, random wood pieces, old windows, and shutter style closet doors thanks to the ReStore. I think they are getting to know me there! =)

I stumbled upon  some light weight rectangular wood something or others. I know it! I just pulled out all the stops on the technical portion of this explanation huh??? And there were several of these diamonds in the rough. I mulled it over. AND left them. Didn't buy a single one. Even though I knew I could come up with some way to use them, redefine them, breathe some life into them, give 'em a purpose! Ok...I went back the next day and bought 6! I'm gonna need to get creative!

I finished 1 yesterday.
Here is what it looked like BEFORE:
hmmm...This picture didn't turn out so well! I will have to take another when the sun comes out! :(
Anyhow~It kind of looks like a lattice panel. And it could be. I'm not real sure what it was used for.

Ok. Here is what I did. I sanded it down and wiped away the dust. I gave it two coats of Krylon's Dover White spray paint. YAY! Spray paint!!
I sanded to add a worn distressed look. I rubbed it with Walnut Distress Ink. Rub on-rub off. Kind of a silly little game. ;)

Then I added a few personal touches. I soooo want to add more but that will come at a later time. I used what I already have. YAY! Me.

I used burlap, scrapbook paper, metal clips, mini clothes pins, a chip board K and personal photos. I used push pins to attach everything to the back. You could use glue, staples...etc.

This thing is BIG!!! 5 1/2 feet long by 26" tall. LOTS o' ROOM to get creative with. And in due time...it will be completed. But for now~>I kind of like the simpleness of it.

HERE it is now:

I'm thinking it needs some chicken wire, cork, fabric, many some Up Words & On Words vinyl lettering. Some more color for sure! I have 5 more to get it figured out.

What do you think?? Help a sista out with some ideas and inspiration!

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  1. Fun idea. I like the idea of adding chicken wire. I am thinking. I would cut out the middle panel, the strip with your K, to leave 2 smaller equal panels of 6 and 6. add some fabric and chicken wire and I could use it in my bedroom to hand jewelry, or living room to hang pictures/notes, kitchen for recipes or kids crafts/projects, etc

  2. Oh, I LOVE this! Your blog is so full of great ideas. I'm in the process of trying to change up my home office into a more accommodating playspace for my 4-yrold & 1-yr-old girls. I'm taking great inspiration from your posts!