Sunday, May 22, 2011

Good Friends and Good Family

:( Sadly...I don't have any projects to rattle on about today. BUT, I did spend the weekend with family and friends. And I must say it has been LONG overdue. It's sad that life is such that we get "too" busy to just sit back and enjoy a few good things. Our weekend included watching it rain like crazy, attending my husband's cousins graduation and celebrating good times at the World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale. If you aren't sure what that it. You will soon get the gist of what a party it is!! =)

In order to all be together for the weekend, we drove through a ton of rain. Inches upon inches have fallen in Central/Eastern Montana since late last week. The creeks that are usually dry have been flowing like mad and farm land and pastures look like lakes. The river is high and is rising as we speak. It is suppose to continue raining off and on all week. Flooding is occurring all over. Basements, washed out railroad tracks, dirt roads, river banks, creeks and unfortunately most farmers haven't even got their crops planted. :(

I forgot to take my camera along with me this weekend. boo hiss. Yep, I usually take it along for the ride but rarely ever take pictures. It would have come in pretty handy as I have NEVER seen water in our area like this before! It's crazy! I mentioned in another post that I am flagging for road construction. I noticed on my way home that a sign series had been tipped over and is now drowning in a ditch full of water that mostly resembles a lake. Only the tires are showing and some part of the sign. A.LOT.OF.WATER! (for our area, mind you) 

So. Eek...that makes it a little hard to get right out there and get the spray paint projects done. But, as long as we are safe, I can't ask for too much more. I hope that the flooding isn't too destructive and I will pray for the safety and well being of those who are being affected. Is it the worst thing ever?? Probably not...but it definitely still effects our lives.
Have a great Sunday!

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  1. hey i dont blame you for taking time to be with your family.. blogging takes up alot of time and you have to force yourself away from the computer. i know lately ive been neglecting alot of stuff. there has to be a balance.
    so enjoy!!!