Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrift Find~Wooden Candle Trays

My lovely Momma who is a thrifting expert (tee hee) brought me home these two gems. Oh yeah...it didn't take long to decide that they needed a shabby chic face lift.
So here is what I started with:

One was dark smoky blue and the other was dark green. I washed the dust off them and painted them both with Burnt Umber craft paint. I top coated the smaller tray with Desert Turquoise craft paint and the larger one with SW's Divine White. Once dry, I used my Dremel tool to sand the edges, hand sanded the rest with medium grit paper and then distressed with Walnut Distress Ink.

Here they are NOW:

~From dark green to Desert Turquoise~

DIY Milk bottle tutorial here.

 ~Dark Smoky Blue to Distressed Divine White~

(yep...repeat offender...can't help it...I{LOVE} that darn pencil starfish)

These thrift finds were turned into treasures...
to be sold, gifted, or kept. =)

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