Monday, March 28, 2011

Old Window Love

While leaving the ReStore a few weeks ago, I happened to ask the nice man there if they ever got any old windows in. His reply, "I don't usually take them." WHHAAATTTT!!! :( So I kindly asked him to snatch some up for me if he had the chance. And he DID! {oh yeah!} I started out buying 3. Then decided I might want a few more so I got 2 more. They are actually in pretty good shape for older windows. I was excited to get them home.

Yesterday I worked on one for my house. I thought I better test my skills before I started re"defining" them for sale. Good thing I practiced!


This is a similar window. I forgot before pictures of mine. This one is identical to mine only mine doesn't have the handle. I will add one to my window as soon as the weather gets nice enough to spray paint.

Pretty good bones!

I sanded mine down. And I sanded and I sanded and I sanded.
I did wear a NEVER know where lead based paint will show up. ALWAYS WEAR A MASK. I don't know if these have lead based paint or not. I could tell they had been painted at some point. As I mentioned, I sanded my brains out. Whatever paint these were painted with is pretty unforgiving. I will have to get a darn rough sandpaper for the next one I do. I got off as much I as I willing to continue sanding.
*ugh* Right before I decided enough was enough~~>the glass broke. [cry]
Darn it!
So I had to have the Mr. instruct me on how to get the caulk/grit/grime/ crap off the back side of the window to get it to release the glass. He eventually had to help me. Thankfully the glass came out fairly easily. What a great Mr. I have!

Ok- well that changed my plans for the window. But only slightly. Which in turn actually saved me some time and vinyl.

I used Walnut Distress Ink and gave it a few once/twice/three times overs. (?) I put a saw tooth hanger on the back and hung it on the wall around our last name monogram and est date in metallic copper that I created. I was going to take the vinyl down and put a new one on the glass. go. Luckily it was a perfect fit!!


I do wish the paint would have distressed a little more but it turned out pretty good. I am sure I won't be able to leave it alone. But for now...this is what it looks like and where it shall call home.

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  1. @Tammy~Thank you! I kind of wish the glass hadn't broke but whatta ya do? =)

  2. Love it. Every time I see something with a window I click, there are so many possibilities. Love the sign you made, it is so elegant.

  3. cute cute! found ya on tip junkie (:

  4. @Chandeen~Thank you! And thanks for stopping by!

  5. i love old windows. i only have one in my house now, but hope to find a few more. looks great.

  6. hiya visiting from bcd show and tell and your newest follower x dont you just hate when that happens i was updating a mirrow for a friend and when i took the back off to remove the mirrow before the paint job ..arrgghhh the mirror got caught and smashed !!! anyway it turned out great but at a cost ! your window looks "smashing" sorry :)and i think it is great wihtout the glass and love your lettered vinyl x great name for your business too x tfs x hope to see you at mine soon and maybe you will follow me too xmaggiex

  7. @Maggie~thank you for stopping by and following me. I have a few more windows so wish me luck. ;)

  8. Love it. I have an old window I am waiting to do something with. I like this idea.

  9. I love it! It gives me a new idea! I love the graphic patterns you can find and they are wall decals...those would work great for this.


  10. @Benita~Thank you for stopping by. I have a vinyl business so I can get pretty creative with my wall graphics. I designed the last name mongram and I think it all pulled together quite nicely! I hope your idea turns into something great and you have FUN creating! ;)