Monday, March 21, 2011

Word of the Day Chalkboard

Oh how I love Habitat for Humanity ReStore! An adventure in possibilities every time I go. I've only been twice, ha ha...but's my new obsessions. I happen to love digging through the hardware for handles and pull knobs and such. Crazy huh?? I also especially like to scope out the cabinet doors. Why you ask?? Because they are fabulously inexpensive, have endless possibilities and come in so many varied sizes.


(pretty simple huh? Oh how I'd love a kitchen full of these babies)

Here is what I did with a 23.5" tall by 20.5" wide white shaker style cabinet door:
I gave it an all over scuff with sand paper but didn't prime.

I taped off the center and painted the outer "frame" Valspar's Copper Glow. I had to apply two coats.

Once it was dry, I put a coat of FolkArt Chalkboard paint in the middle.
Two things about this stuff...1. It stinks and 2. Brush strokes don't even out but once it's hung up you can't really tell.
I, of course, didn't take a photo of the first coat of chalkboard paint. :( I let it dry and added another coat. Let that dry and added a third and final coat.

While that was drying I put a coat of Valspar Weathered Crackle Glaze on the copper glow and let it dry. Once dry, I haphazardly stroked Sherwin Williams Divine White over it for a top coat. Unfortunately, it didn't crackle like I was hoping for but it turned out ok.
I used my hand sander and sanded it will fine grit sandpaper. I added walnut Distress Ink to the edges. I painted a wooden knob Copper Glow, distressed it with the Distress Ink. I tied a piece of hemp string to a piece of chalk and tucked the string under the knob and secured it tightly using the pre-drilled hole.

Here is what it looks like NOW: 

I will be using it as a Word of the Day board. At some point I will add vinyl to the top that says, "Word of the Day." My plan is to pick a word and then "redefine" it so it fits us. The pictures aren't that great but it reads:
Word of the Day: 
 You, Me
& The Boys 

This project cost:
cabinet door from ReStore: $2
Chalk: $.08 (box of 12 for $.97)
Already had paint, distress ink, knob and hemp.
Total: $2.97

UPDATE: Up Words & On Words
vinyl lettering added::

our definition of family, home, life and happiness

I can't wait for tomorrow.

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  1. Wonderful project! I love our used blding mtls store, too! I'm experimenting with my own colored chalkboard paint now! I love your idea of the "word of the day", but I'l like to make one that says, "Verse of the Day".
    Hugs, Heidi

  2. Thanks Heidi! I need to get my vinyl on it and then it will be complete. I of course couldn't wait to post it though! Verse of the Day is a good idea too!

  3. another great project. i love chalkboard paint!

  4. Thanks again Tammy! I kind of wish I would have used the kind where you make your own color since I prefer brown but since I already had the black I just sucked it up and used it. It's gonna be a neat little addition to our day!