Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday raking and Nascar win

The Mr. rented a power raker today so the boys and I helped rake. I helped until I got too cold. I am a sally pants, I admit it. So, I came in the house and started a new project that I will post tomorrow. Can't wait to show it off and see what you all think.

I had a nice Sunday hanging out with my little family and watching Nascar. Nascar on Sunday's OH YEAH! And it just so happens that Kevin Harvick won. He drove so awesome the last 5 laps. We are always saying, "if he only had 5 more laps." Welllllll... today he took the last 5 and didn't look back. Way to go Happy Harvick!!

Hope your Sunday was a good one. See you all tomorrow with something fun!

Have a great night!


  1. Carri -

    That WAS some race, wasn't it?? I told Mr. Inspiring that it was a good thing we weren't there, because I'd have no voice now!! We went to the fall KC race in 2008, and on the last lap, when Cousin Carl passed yucky JJ, I started yelling..... and my voice was GONE for a week. It was AWESOME!! LOL We've gone to Talladega (Hallowdega) the past 2 years. When JJ won the series for the 5th time in November, Mr. Inspiring and I decided we wouldn't go to a NASCAR race this year..... well.... I've got him talked into going to KC in the fall again - the race is on my birthday weekend...... :-)

    Your blog is cute!! I love the burlap!! You need to check out Debbie Doos newbie linky party. I've got her button on my most recent post. I particpiated like 4 times, and wow - i've gotten so many new followers and site hits. It's a great party!!

    So nice to find out you like NASCAR, too!! Have a great week!!

    Hugs ~~ Suz

  2. I think my heart would stop if we got to go to a Nascar race. =) My hubby started following it and I didn't realize how awesome it was until I relented and watched one Sunday. Truth...I'd rather watch Nascar then football. And I have ALWAYS been a huge Denver Broncos fan. (eek, I know)So, I lived for Sunday football. We are Harvick fans for a couple reasons: 1. He drove and won (I believe) right after Earnhardt was killed, which was very sad.
    2. And probably more importantly~His relationship and true partnership with his wife. It's so great to see a couple that in love, with their mutual admiration and respect for one another. I love seeing them together. It is my hope that Mr. Joey Logano finds love and gets a feel for who's really wearing the "firesuit." Classic example of an immature understanding of love. If any real understanding at all. I will never be his fan. =)

    Anyhow...happy Nascar-ing to you! If we didn't live in Montana, we'd maybe have more access to experience the rev of the engines in person. Oh the thought makes my heart pump.

    I will check out Debbie Doos. Thank you!

    Have a great day!